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How a retail shop became a conglomerate


When the Boulos family started their activities in Nigeria in 1936, the country they just arrived to, little did they know about what the future held for them.


Group Boulos Nigeria is a major player in the Nigerian market and an authority in its chosen fields of operation. As such, and through their important fincancial and social investments, they have made it their responsability to give back to the country that welcomed them many years ago.


A few decades have passed since 1936, but the passion to excel and to lead is still as present as ever. Today, thanks to the joint effort and the team work of their passionate executives, Group Boulos is one of the West Africa's leading industrial groups.


The remarkable success story of the Boulos brothers, Anthony and Gabriel, who followed their father from Lebanon to Nigeria and started their business operations in 1943, is definitly one that should be told. You can actually sneak a peak on the history of the group expansion and see for yourself.


The Boulos family grabbed many opportunities along their way to success and developed strategic alliances with internationally renowned corporations, enabling their business to flourish and grow. Today, Group Boulos Nigeria is a privately owned conglomerate comprising two core operations, in addition to several other activities.


They took on a social task - that of improving the social conditions of Nigerians by providing opportunities and alleviating unemployement and poverty.
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Boulos Group of Companies


Plot 10, Block D, Acme Road,
Ogba Industrial Scheme, Lagos.





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