1. What type of vehicles does Boulos Enterprises Limited (BEL)sell?

- We sell two wheelers that cover Power Bikes, Delivery Bikes and Passanger Bikes

-We also sell three wheelers that cover cargo tricycles and carge trucks.




2. Does Boulos Enterprises Limited sell used Power Bikes?

- No, BEL does not sell used Power Bikes. Our bikes are new and imported directly from the manufacturers.



3. What brands of Power Bikes can I get at your showroom?

- We sell Suzuki Power Bikes, Aprilia Power Bikes and Moto Guzzi Power Bikes.



4. Can I order for your product if I live outside Lagos?

-Yes, You can but you will have to arrange the product will get to you.



5. If my vechicle breaks down outide lagos, what can i do?

-We have a large netwok of trained and competent technicians around the country. whenever you are, we are always a phone call away.



  1. 1. How Can I become a disributor?

    - Must have a registered business name with at least 3 staff members.

    - Buy first stock with a minimum of 10million naira.

    - Must have a big warehouse that can accomodate at least 10 thousand bundles within 2 week before a reorder.

    - Abide with all the Company rules especially most importantly selling prices.



    2. I live in a specific location in Nigeria and I want to get a product.

    Who is your nearest distributor?

    - We have our PAN Nigeria distributors in major towns and cities.



    3. I won a gift on social network,how can I get my gift?

    - We have all our Sales persons across the country, You can contact us to receive your gifts, it be delivered to you through them.



    4. I am asking for our several categories of products such as the 'derivatives'?

    - You can call Bidemi on 0803418223 or send a mail to b.biodun@bil.groupboulos.com



    5. Can I get my good delivered to me at my house?

    - We do "our catch van crew" the deliever goods to you at your door step.


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