SUZUKI OUTBOARD: The Ultimate 4 Stroke Outboard Engine

Suzuki is renowned for being at the forefront of four stroke technology and creating outboard motors that have a variety of innovative features. Superior Fuel Economy - With the rising cost of fuel becoming an increasingly important factor for customers deciding what outboard to buy, Suzuki's engineers set out to develop a system that enabled their outboards to get even more out of every drop of fuel. The project became the focus for Suzuki's marine engineers and after months of development and hundreds of hours testing the new outboards on a variety of boats to achieve optimum results, the new Lean Burn Control System was ready to be brought to the market.

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Suzuki's Lean Burn Control System predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions. The Lean Burn process requires fuel to be injected into the cylinder at a precisely controlled rate and volume with a richer air-fuel mixture at the start of the injection cycle, assisting ignition to a weaker one. This creates a longer burn time and a more controlled fuel explosion, over the full downward stroke of the piston. This in turn means that there is power over the whole combustion stroke and subsequently a more efficient and complete burning of all of the available fuel; leading to more power for less fuel and less emissions. Suzuki's unique Lean Burn Control System gives these new outboards a superior selling point over its competitors by providing a wide range of lean burn, which enables the outboard to run on less fuel right up into the high speed range.


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Boulos Enterprises Limited (BEL) was incorporated in 1964 by the Boulos brothers Anthony and Gabriel Boulos. The main focus of their business initially, was trading and incorporation of general merchandise including some brands of motorcycles from Western Europe. After a few years, they concentrated on the importation of the “Suzuki” brand of motorcycles and outboard motors from Japan and since then it remained a leading motorcycle and outboard motors distribution and assembly company in Nigeria.
The continued growth in Suzuki motorcycle business stimulated the company to establish the first assembly plant in the country at Oregun, Ikeja Nigeria in 1969  existing till date to assembly motorcycles from Completely Knocked Down (CKD) to Fully built up ( FBU) by Nigerian staff. It is worthy to note this was implemented at the initiative of the company as all other competitors in the country were still importing fully built up motorcycles.
The ban of fully built motorcycles gave the company the impetus to embark on a manufacturing/assembly plant. Considering the bright future of automobile business in Nigeria and the level of technology, the company embarked on the construction of a phased integrated motorcycles manufacturing complex located at its present 25 acre plot at Ogba Industrial Scheme Ikeja. The present integrated plant has an installed capacity of 150,000 units for motorcycles assembling per annum on a single 8-hours shift per working day.
The motorcycle and tri-cycle plant assembling facilities has an independent service utilities backed up system.


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